About Googaro

Being a parent is one of the greatest and most challenging roles you can take on in life. You want the best for your precious little bundle, yet sleepless nights and meltdowns make it difficult to find the time to unearth the best and most necessary products out there.  Despite aspirations of being that super-hero parent, you soon learn that stealing a few minutes for yourself means naptime – not research time.

Googaro gets it – we’ve been there.  We want to simplify your life and help you discover incredible new products that are a perfect blend of practical, safe, stylish and fun.  Simple things like choosing baby lotion or a toy need not be frustrating.  Our talented team of professionals (aka picky moms and dads) are constantly reviewing new products and evaluating them for quality, safety and sustainability.  In fact, every time we find great products that are organic, BPA-free and eco-friendly we invariably break out in googadance.  Go on and embrace your inner quirkiness – we certainly do!

So how does it work?  You tell us the age and gender of your child, and we hop to work while you get to enjoy your baby.  Each month our Googa team takes a break from song and dance – hey, we told you we’re quirky – and we curate and ship you a care package of 4-5 full-sized products tailored to your baby’s age.  Since we know moms and dads need a treat themselves, every so often we include a special gift just for you!

Googaro care packages feature only the best products that help you take care of your child and that also grows with your child.  Over time your baby too will get excited when your surprise box arrives.  In fact your baby might end up loving the box more than the toy inside!  Just kidding… or maybe not.  So go on and give yourself a break every month with Googaro.  You and your baby deserve the best! 

Our commitment is to you and your baby.  We love what we do and rely on your feedback to make sure that our care packages contain everything you expect.  Email us at [email protected].


Co-founder & CEO

Meghna Prasad

Nothing delights Meg more than seeing her son Rohil laugh. Googaro combines her 2 favorite things – babies and products. She is always looking for products that are meaningful and useful for a new parent.
Loves: Connecting with people, Coffee & Tea, Books, Live Music, Technology and Start-ups.


Alisa Chang

Is our guru of getting things done.She manages everything from graphic design to web development to order fulfillment.She loves all things tech, and geeks out over gadgets.She also enjoys local produce so you just might bump into her at the local greenmarket.
Loves: Doodling, Cooking, Growing her own food, and Spending time with Family.

Co-founder & CFO

Ronak Shah

Takes care of finances, planning and is an all-round excel whiz. He is passionate about recycling and the environment.

Loves: Sailing, basketball, football, movies and yoga.